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The real reason behind middle aged spread – and how you can fight it

Have your arms developed bingo wings? Can you no longer see your feet for your belly? If you can pinch an inch more than you used to then you’re not alone.

Even those lucky enough to be slim in their younger years can develop the dreaded “middle aged spread” .

But getting older doesn’t have to mean getting fatter, according to scientists such as Dr Neerav Padliya, weight loss expert at US supplement manufacturer MYOS Rens.

He insists these body changes are more manageable than we think.

And he believes that once you understand why the weight gain is happening , there are plenty of ways to outsmart it.

How hormones wreak havoc with our waists

As early as our thirties, a fall in the hormone levels for both sexes begins to slow our metabolism so we burn less energy and store more fat.

Researchers have found this causes the average man and woman to add 1-2lb around their middle every year from the ages of 35 to 55.

What this means for men

High testosterone keeps men slim when they’re younger

High testosterone levels are responsible for keeping men’s bodies lean and muscular when they’re younger.

This is because the male hormone binds to fat, carrying it out of the body so less is stored around the middle. It also helps to build muscle, speed up the metabolism, and maintain insulin sensitivity (which prevents diabetes).

“However, as men age, testosterone levels naturally decrease at a rate of about 1% a year after the age of 30,” explains Dr Padliya.

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